The I-4 Exit Guide

I-4 Gourmet

Dined at a great restaurant on your way across I-4 lately? Maybe you’ve grabbed a bite at a nice little diner. We would love to hear about it! This forum is dedicated to all those road warriors who have found or are looking for that perfect stop along Florida’s east-west main street… I-4!

Romeo’s Pizza and Pasta – Lakeland, FL
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This is one of the best places in Lakeland for casual dining… and I’m a local. The food is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. The pizza is just perfect. You’d have to go to New York City to get something better. Everything is really tasty. I’ve been here several times and it keeps … Continue reading Romeo’s Pizza and Pasta – Lakeland, FL
Euro Bistro Tapas & Copas – Celebration, FL
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Euro Bistro is a new restaurant located in downtown Celebration. Tapas, very popular in Spain, are smaller servings that allow you to select a couple different items to snack on or combine a few to make a full meal. Knowing that, we stopped by recently for a quick bite. The atmosphere was nice and the … Continue reading Euro Bistro Tapas & Copas – Celebration, FL