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Looking For an Alternate Route Around Orlando’s I-4 Construction?

The ongoing construction of Interstate 4 through the heart of Orlando can be a headache for daily travelers and a real vacation killer for travelers heading through the area. Thankfully, there is an alternate route around the entire project area.

If you don’t mind paying a toll (who wouldn’t after sitting in stopped traffic for hours), Florida’s Route 417 can be liberating.

Approaching Orlando from the east (I-95, Daytona) FL 417 begins it’s journey at I-4, exit 101 in Sanford and winds it’s way southward around the Orlando metro area where it reconnects with I-4, exit 64 in Celebration.

While you can’t say that FL 417 is a nice country drive, it is generally a more rural route with far less traffic than Interstate 4.

What’s the trade-off you ask? Well, FL 417 is about 10 miles (10 minutes) longer… that’s if I-4 is not bogged down, which it often is. So most of the time it ends up being quicker. A word of caution… FL 417 is a toll road and, if you travel the entire distance you’ll rack up about $8.25 in tolls (about a dollar less with E-Pass). Most travelers say it’s a small price to pay to avoid the construction mess on I-4 when you’re on vacation.

Here’s a map showing the route:

FL 417 Around Orlando | I-4 Exit Guide
Click map to enlarge

Of course if you’re passing through Orlando in the middle of the night or early in the morning, I-4 is probably your best choice.

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